Male/Female Thread

Hey Folks,

Can you please share the offset values for male/female threads for abs, hips, ultrat, glass when modelling.

And should we use this offset value when modelling or use the hole offset function in z-suite.


Thanks for sharing your experiences.


For ABS I use +0.2mm in all directions for tight fits. This is while designing parts.

But for really good results I make a test print.

I still haven't come around to use the offset values in Z-Suite.

I have used 0.04 outside, 0.14 inside for offsets to get a printed part close to drawn dimensions in ZABS. In my opinion, you should draw what you want, then adjust the offsets to correct the manufacturing process. This way the same drawing is correct for the part, no matter what process: ZABS, ZGLASS, cnc, etc. 

I concur with swart_rat.  Always show design intent by designing to finished part dimensions. This allows the single documentation to be used for different processes or materials, 3D printed prototype then injection molded production.  The document then can be used for quality control, particularly if you have parts that must fit together and are make by different processes.  The correction for process shrinkage or machine calibrations(accuracy) should be made to the tooling, shrink factor for injection molds or bend allowances for sheet metal, or to the process parameters, scale or offsets for 3D printing.