Max printable file size?

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I just had a print job fail after 52 hours building. It appears that the job stopped at about 75%. The system is using the latest firmware that Martin posted and using the 0.2 software. When it reached “100%” on the display, the tray lowered, but the actual build wasn’t complete.

I was trying to print the Orbit-1 file (orbit-full-x1-low from grabCad (the one with all the gears)). I generated the file (218.9 Megs Zcode) with full build and default support.

I also blew through almost a full spool of grey Z-ABS in the process.

Is there a maximum file size that the M200 can handle? I’d send you the Zcode file, but as I said, it’s over 200 megs…

While this isn’t the worst that’s happened to me (I lost a 63hour build on a Stratasys 400mc at 90%) I want to be sure it doesn’t happen again.


Could you post link to dowload his model?

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I think it might be this one.

That part is two files… Did it complete at least one. Base or sphere?


I think this problem come from not fully flushed file buffer into SD card from windows side, first feature which we should add today in firmware is full pre-check of zcode file before it is printer.

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I printed the file on its side - specifically, I downloaded the whole thing and selected the low res version of the file for printing. It contains both parts.

@Martin & Rafal

Awesome. Thanks guys.

Wow, that’s a cool part but 52 hours? It must be pretty big! Sorry to hear that it stopped on you though…

Another guy mentioned the printer would stop early on some of his prints but then he realized the entire file wasn’t saved to the SD card. You have to make sure it completely saves before you remove it. Sometimes it may say it’s saved but fully done like Martin said because of it buffering. It may be better to save to PC first then copy to SD card for really big files.

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Oddly enough, I dumped it straight to the SD card… I’m saving to desktop now and transferring over the hard way just to be sure… As for 52 hours, I ran it with support material… I’m trying again with a smaller build… and minimal support. I suspect the build would have taken at least another 6 to 10 hours.

Wow… That’s a 1 kg of model on the platform. Did you notice any bending/hanging of the platform support or is it beefy enough to handle that?

The platform was fine, and frankly it was probably able to take a LOT more without significant deflection. And yes, it was pretty close to a kilo of material. Did I mention ouch?

The rails and ball screw at the back are the same ones I use in some of my mechanical designs - which is why I wanted the M200 in the first place. I know it can handle the loads because I did the numbers already. :slight_smile: