More retraction issues

Nevermind - was just posting about the nozzle and only then saw your above post. 

New nozzle didn't help then?

Hi Printz - no, new nozzle made no difference as far as I could see.

Just wanted to say thanks again to all for the help with testing my settings etc. I've been speaking with Zortrax support and running a few more tests and it seems it could be the heater, thermocouple or extrusion PCB. At least now I know there is definitely a problem. Trying to find replacement parts now. 

Hi All,

I just wanted to update this thread with the latest. I contacted my reseller after speaking with Zortrax support. Zortrax agree'd that it was most likely a heater, thermocouple or extrusion PCB issue. My reseller seemed a little less convinced and had me trying different fan settings etc. Some of which helped slightly but the main issues persisted. Long story short, I went a head and ordered the parts suggested by Zortrax from elsewhere as I had had enough. After fitting those parts over the weekend my prints are now printing as I would have expected. I have yet to see a burn mark and the stringing is significantly reduced to what I think is an acceptable amount. It seems my "gut" felling was correct, although I was beginning to doubt myself towards the end. Thanks again to all that helped. 

Any idea which specific component it was in the end? 

Having stringing issues, too, and my reseller is sending me a thermocouple now... hope that is the faulty component.

Sad to hear that you had to pay for this. You should follow up with your reseller and have them reimburse you (assuming you are under warranty, still).

Andre, sorry to hear you are having similar issues. When the parts arrived I installed everything, along with the new Zortrax hot-end cover. I probably should have installed the components in stages and tested but I was a bit impatient.

My printer is coming on 3 months old now, so I am fairly certain those parts are still covered.

I hope you get yours working with the new parts!