Mount Kilimandscharo - for a friend, 0.14 z-abs  ...

came out nicely


did you use vue or zbrush to make the terrain? or is that a pre-made model you found on the internet?

It is NASA radar data from

imported and further processed in rhino this also works more or less.

awesome! thanks!

@andreas: you could try to print that upwards (as strange as it sounds), maybe in 'mesh' mode. It will warp  (maybe ~2mm end to end) at the bottom when cooling, but you'll get a lot better details on z axis than x-y. Julia told me that some time ago and she was right, as usual.

@ catalin :Interesting. … I guess you mean rotate it by 90 degrees?

What exactly does mesh infill do?

@Andreas I mean vertical. It's just an idea, but I've had good results just by rotating the model. As for mesh, it should work fine for well-designed sculpture models. In theory it will hollow out the model, printing only the outside walls and generating inner support where needed.

L.E.: something like this:

L.E.1: there's no 'recipe' for a good print, it's 'trial and error'