My thoughts on new 1:01 update, Questions

I tried the new interface and have some comments and questions.

First i, dont like the small icons on the left. Can we please get them bigger or at least have a setting to make them bigger.

Second, the new version doesn't show the envelope dimensions anymore in the upper right.

They moved the info to the bottom of the screen and got rid of the x,y, and z dimensions. please bring back !!

Third, there is a  change to the scale option.

I used to put in 25.4 to scale my imperial models , now i have to put 2540 to get correct scale. please change back .

I also cannot open a model by draggingl into z-suite anymore. i have to use plus button, please bring back.

How big are the grid boxes in the new interface ?

Is there a way to measure the model that is imported into Z-suite?

The most important for us is the some screenshots and more information like what resolution do you have, which OS do you have?

OK , I will send a screenshot when i get a chance.

my os is win 7, and resolution is 1600 x 1200.