My Zortrax failing to achieve a circular cross section


I just finished a 1 day print of a cylinder and I can say the results were not so good. the cylinder didn't come out with an actual circular cross section but instead of many points joined by straight lines. I used light infill for the print with auto fan so does that have to do with it or is this the limit of Zortrax?

I added some photos and u can see straight lines going across the length of the cylinder





The problem is definitely not the printer! Those surfaces come from poor stl files. You don’t have enough polygons. You can try to fix it with meshmixer or if you have the original cad file you can improve the export settings.

I don't think the trouble is in the STL folder since it is converted using solidworks. I convert all pieces I make through this program and they didn't cause any problem


No thats not a printers fault. The stl is low poly and the issue comes directly from solidworks. Use netfab to check your stl file. Im sure that you will see these straight lines exist. You can see an example of a low polygon cylinder versus a high polygon in the image below


Definitely low poly file, I've been through this.

Check out Kyle's posts and you'll see his secret sauce stl export settings for Design Spark Mechanical.

My cad program wouldn't give me export options, so I changed to DSM on his advice.

In Solidworks there should be a setting to increase the quality of exported files, one of the experts with the program will know what it is. 

There is a setting to view the object in wire frame mode, this will show how large your polygons are if the model its self is being generated in low def.


This is a problem of standard settings for STL - Export in Solid Works, change this parameter in

“Save as” and “Options”.

This is caused by the tessellation resolution being too low at file export.

Solid arrow has largest effect.  Below 1 to 0.5 degrees, files can get huge so watch out.

Dotted arrow has small effect. I usually leave this at 5 to 0.5 thou


I see now. thanks for the info guys, this is of so much help