Need Help ! got a problem with the platform.

Hi there, 

thx for reading this and evryone who trys to help me ! 

i finished a print today and changed the fillament because it was almost emty... load the new one and wanted to start a new print... and now this happens ...

i think a video tells u more than i could explain...

i really appreciate evry tip and solution for this.

seems that i have the same problem... is it possible that the little 3 pin connector to the building plate is for the circuit ? cause its maybe possible that i dmg it when i cleaned the plate with a spatula.

i also tryed to put a 5 cent coin between the nozzle and the plate until i get an error code... but after 10 sec i stopped it without a error code... sounds like its not going to stop and i dont wanna damage it even further...

Firmware 1.0.4 btw.


That was happening to me recently and apparently was the result of molten filament leaking into the threads of the nozzle and/or other parts of the extruder because I did not properly replace the parts after cleaning out a clog.  The solidified filament apparently prevented the nozzle tip from making the appropriate electrical contact with the print platform.  I completely removed the extruder from the printer, cleaned out all the pieces, including re-tapping the female threads on the block, reassembled it and it's been working fine ever since.

Something is not making electrical contact - either the 3-pin connector, or as Mike said, the nozzle.

thx for the replys.. i ordered a new plate and if this isnt working i will order a nozzle... i cleaned the nozzle just a week ago and evrything was fine so in my opinion it has to be the plate ... probably killed it in the cleaning process.

Waga - in my case I'd removed the nozzle from the block (while hot), extruded some filament to get rid of a clog that wouldn't pass the nozzle, and then re-installed the nozzle (again, while hot).  My guess is that I failed to tighten the nozzle enough to force it against the tube inside the block.  This left a gap between the nozzle and the tube which allowed filament to leak into the threads which subsequently insulated the nozzle from the tube, thereby eliminating the electrical conductivity between the nozzle tip and the perf board which is need to properly reference in Z.

In future, I'll reassemble the clean tube, block, and nozzle outside the machine so that I can be sure the nozzle contacts the tube and then re-install the entire assembly in the printer.

also thx michael for ur reply. Yeah that could have happend too i guess.. but in my case it was the 3 pin plate connector. The problem is fixed now with a new plate. Need to be more carefull with the spatula when i clean it.

THX to evryone and ur help !