Need print recommendations

I'm trying to print the "Office Organizer" from Zortrax's print room:

and my first attempt failed with delamination on the wall as I tried to remove the support structure.  I'd like suggestions on what sort of print parameters to use when using ZSuite.  My failed attempt was:

Z-ABS (orange, if it matters)

0.39 mm layer thickness,

Full infill,

45° support angle

100 % fan (I think),

Avoid holes checked (on)

6 surface layers, both top and bottom

0 mm outer and inner offsets


Use a finer layer height and panels for better adhesion 

I'm trying 0.14 mm now, but without external panels.  Does fan speed make difference for a part like this?

Looks like I've developed periodic lost steps in the filament feed system, so maybe that is the main problem.  It's very intermittent so only a few random spots don't get enough filament, but that is probably enough to weaken the walls on the part.  It only delaminated when I was removing support material

I've cleaned the gear and associated hardware twice now, the bed is leveled within 0.1 mm, and filament feeds without missed steps when sending it to an empty bed.  Looks like I've got some junk mucking up the extruder.  That should be fun to clean.

Yes it does I would reduce the fan speed to 40 or 20 percent. High fans should only be used on small parts or high overhangs with no support..

Thanks.  I tried 20 % fan with 0.14 mm layer height and got better results, but the print still looks pretty bad.  Lots of very fine threads inside the cylinder and the layers along the side are more visible than I'd have expected given the quality of my other prints.  Looks like I may have an extruder problem as I'm getting lost steps on the filament feed stepper.

I would do a single wall cube calibration test and see if you have any gaps

I would do a single wall cube calibration test and see if you have any gaps

Thanks - like this one?


Thanks - like this one?


Yep perfect

Thanks.  Printing it now,but small sections of the 1st layer of the raft got skipped with the stepper missing steps at the same time/place so I'm still thinking there is a problem with the extruder or nozzle.  I'll let this print finish and try soaking the nozzle in acetone and then try the print again.

What I used to do for clogged nozzles on my solidoodle:

1.Remove the filament feed to the extruder

2. Soak the nozzle in acetone for 10 to 30 mins (wait to dry after)

3. Heat the extruder

3. Feed a guitar string through the nozzle

4. Repeat the process if you still have a clog

5. if it's a terrible clog then you will have to remove the nozzle soak it in acetone again for a couple of hours

Thanks Tech.  The calibration prints came out perfect so I either screwed up the print parameters somehow, the office organizer model has a design problem or the problem somehow fixed itself.

I'll keep the nozzle cleaning procedure handy for future use, so thanks for posting that.



This office organizer have somehow design problems. I printed it many times to test some print parameters but overall it need very slow and very carefull support removal to not damage anything. This model have space only for one contour and nothing more keeping it together only layers interbonding.

I think Z-ULTRAT will give good result.

Thanks Martin.  It was just something to play with and I only continued to figure out what was wrong, especially since my Zortrax prints usually turn out much, much better.  Since it is mostly a design issue I'll just move on to other projects.