Need STL for Zortrax part

The little spacer that fits between the extruder and the lower fan on my M200 broke. The replacement file for that part in the Zortrax library is only available as a ZPROJ file and it has been created at some sort of funky angle so that it does not sit flat on the print platform.  I've been unable to figure out what angles to use for correction so I'm hoping that someone at Zortrax can fix the ZPROJ file or that another user has an STL version.


All published M200 printable spares I know are in .Zproj format.

Did not notice that lift off before, but could be intentional, why not just print it like that?

I tried printing without support but that failed as might be expected.  After spending a lot of time trying to get the angle just right, common sense took over and I just designed a replacement from scratch and have printed that.

Why does Zortrax insist on distributing their part files in ZProj format?