new issue with HIPS at 0.14 and 0.19


I have printed this part alot of times before but now this is happening when printing with z-hips at layer height 0.19 (and 0.14 but not with 0.29)

it's a small pentagon, about 4cm's with a sloped side 0.5 mm wall thickness.

the top layer looks wrinkly and also the layers beneath are not clearly visible as straight lines.

any ideas?  can it be related to the new settings in latest z-suite?


this is when printed at 0.29 layer height and it comes out as expected, nice smootth last layer and straight layers beneath


only with hips? Is 0.14/0.19 OK with zABS? 

HI Andre

problem also was with print in ABS in 0.19/0.14 so I wondered if it might be related to something else and I think it's the wall thickness..

I changed it from 0.49mm to 0.51 mm and it already prints better in zhips. tomorrow I will doe some more tests

So I think latest z-suite upgrade I too might have stumbled into the realms of the thin wall problem.