Newbie Question

Hi folks,

I just got my M200. And printing my first print with Z-HIPS. While printing I was examining the test print that came with the printer ( white bust / sculpture) . Do you guys know what material and settings was used to print it. Because I do not see any layers compared to the model that i am printing at the moment ( .14mm).


Koray birand

It's printed on the (current?) highest resolution setting of 90 microns, and my guess is that it took quite a while to print. Impressive though, isn't it? 


Far beyond impressive :) But what is the material.

Thanks, Labrat.

Far beyond impressive :) But what is the material.

Thanks, Labrat.

Based on looks and feel, I would guess z-abs. Supposedly people have had issue with detaching rafting with z-hips, so you should report back when that print is done and let us know how it goes. (I just got my printer last week, so I'm trying to determine which materials I should get.)  :)

Laborite you just read my mind... I have been trying to remove the raft for the last 30 minutes, and finally I gave up... Impossible to take it off. Nowjust because of this raft issue, I do not want to go back to ABS ( because of wrap). so disappointed.

To try to fix the raft problem, you can try a workaround such as here:

Warping is a very common issue, but it is typically very easily solvable. 

Step 1: GET DOORS! Probably the single most important thing you can do. Member Gadgetstogo on here sells a high quality set at a great price on ebay. 

Step 2: Read/follow this:

Step 3: Use glue. People on here recommend glue stick, but I like ABS slurry. Just put a bunch of plastic in a container with some acetone, and give the plate a quick wipe before a large print.

I had da Vinci 1.0 AIO before so I am used to abs juice a lot. But the main reason why i got this machine was to avoid abs and print with HIPS.. So i will keep printing with da Vinci until they fix this raft problem, but i doubt it.. Have been reading a lot of reviews and most of them tell that there is lack of support. We'll see.

Actually from what I've seen they've been pretty quick to address customer issues. Just open a case in bug tracker and they'll get back to you.