No Display light

Hi at all,

my new Zortrax has no light on the display.

No answer from Support :frowning:

What can I do?

Do you mean the led illumination or lcd?

The LCD Display …

Can you take a picture?

of course!


Did you buy it from Zortrax or from a reseller ?

It may be something simple like an unplugged cable or on the other hand something broken, but in any case, I think you will void your warranty if you try to repair it by yourself without following a Zortrax support procedure.

Which way did you use to contact support ?

Some user encountered problems with online form, but I contacted support by mail and it worked well.



the Printer is from

I will check all Cable tomorrow.

I use for contact the Webform, because I found no Mailadress.

(sorry for my poor english)



Before opening the printer, please have a try with mail too:


Your printer is brand new, do not do things that could void warranty


You have to turn it on!

Sorry…I know…I just could not resist! :smiley: :smiley:

You could check the ribbon connector on the LCD board and the main board. But get with support first…they can send you instructions.