No yellow Signal Wire on v4 ?

Dear Support Team,

I have my M200 since 2days... it was already blocked: I discovered (unfortunately too lately) kind of really little pieces of wood or paper in the extruder motor hole and that was traped by the very first filament I put inside... Thus, I had some burnt dust into my noozle, making bad black drips everywhere until it definitely blocked printing.

I had to follow the hotend replacement tutorial ( to clean all the path.

I was surprised not to have any yellow signal cable to unscrew. Is it normal ? is it a v4 feature to prevent from damage while dismounting ?

Thanks, Regards.

Yes, I believe they eliminated that separate ground sensing wire; maybe they are picking up ground through the thermocouple shield/case connection now, or simply through the metal printhead body.

V4 don't have signal cable, it's normal.