None Finshed Printing

While I did send an official support message I found that you can actually not upload a file to a support request. I only have my M200 for 3 weeks, I was pretty happy initial. After playing around with some example (small models) I started working on some things I really wanted to do. Unfortunately the prints didn't finish. Going through this forum I discovered the 'LCD Display' issue. After testing the re-load of the Z-Code into Z-Suite as suggested as well as taking the steps of the PDF by Zortrax I decided to run some test with the display holder removed. The result are that each run sofar finished perfectly. I'm not sure which serial numbers have the LCD-Display issue. I hope I get to hear from Zortrax through my formal support request, I found it very frustrating I could not find a direct e-mail address and that the support form ask you for an order number.


I think it was


Yeap, that's correct, I got a reply that they (Zortrax) received my request and that I actually could respond to the mail which is, so I send them the picture as well. Looking forward to get a answer or better solution (probably a new LCD) to get going again.


Received mail from Zortrax support today, with test Z-Code and instructions on how to test, reading the testscript it could be just the SD. What I don't understand given my test cycle I have non finished prints with the Zortrax SD, than removed the LCD holder, all prints come out complete and obviously done all the reloads of Z-Code at every attempt before printing from the SD into Z-Suite. If it's just the SD it means their should be some unwanted pressure/bending or whatever going on, anyway, we'll see. Happy that Zortrax responded in les than a day.

Promised to keep you up to date, so it looks like it is the Zortrax SD card, replaced it and and so for so good. Thank Zortrax for the prompt support.