Not off to a great start with the new M200 Plus



-Right away I noticed that the Z-axis was very grindy/noisy and also the first test print had a bit of a wavy wall. Since all my other M200’s have very smooth Z-axis motion, I decided to investigate a bit more and found the linear rails to be binding terribly. See attached videos. I was able to properly align everything and now it’s all smooth again. Something like that shouldn’t have left the factory. I’m also a bit disappointed to see the cheapo lead screw again. I somehow expected the new flagship printer to at least have the same ball screw as the regular M200. 


Z-ABS print with wavy wall:

attachicon.gif IMG_5194.JPG


videos of z-axis binding and after fix:

attachicon.gif sticking z-axis.MOV

attachicon.gif fixed z-axis.MOV



I had the same problem with my M200 Plus. Thank you for giving the solution!!