Nozzle threads update: "Mechanical issues are not covered under warranty"

I had a detailed post typed up, but when I went to submit it it crashed... Oh well.

The hot end that I had to install after this problem occurred once was purchased directly from zortrax for $75 (plus shipping). It had less than two weeks use, with under 8 hrs of printing. For those who don't know it clogged about 98% of the way through a print.

I tried what I could without removing the nozzle, using a wire to clear the nozzle and then re-feed the filament, which actually worked OK. I then proceeded to print another model and this time it jammed after about 4 layers.

I heated the hot end as instructed and proceeded to remove the nozzle, but unfortunately it snapped at the shoulder where the nozzle meets the threaded portion (I tried to get a decent picture). I suspect this was overtightened in the factory, and the problem only arose when the nozzle had to be removed. Again this was a new hot end, less than 2 weeks old.

I was told by support that mechanical issues are not covered under warranty, and I am SOL. All that I am asking you to do (zortrax) is mail me the small aluminum block (not an entire hot end) as I already have a spare nozzle, and can reuse the thermocouples.

I tried to get a few pictures, you can see the nozzle snapped in the wrench




Yes, it'd be a nice gesture for them to send you the little chunk of aluminum. Can you not get the broken part out using a screw extractor ("easy-out")?

I also think it'd be a good idea if they put some anti-seize compound on the nozzle threads before assembly, and maybe check the manufacturing process, materials, and QC on the nozzles because I've never heard of nozzle threads breaking before with any other printer.


I haven't had a chance to take a look at it yet, between exams and prepping for a big cert. test, I am very strapped for time right now (luckily during lectures I can surf the forums!).

I do have friends in a machine shop I will be taking the hot end to, but I am not sure how successful we will be in removing those threads. The wall is so thin, that I am just not sure we can get a good grip on it to extract it before doing damage.

Send to me your address with phone no. :slight_smile:

HI Rafal:

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