anyone printing nylon with the m200?? i remember reading the literature before i bought the machine that its possible, does this void the warranty? it seems like something id like to do, dying the nylon seems like a good way to get multi colored prints.

i really am starting to love this machine and im starting to understand how a single headed machine is better in a lot of ways when compared to two heads.

i have been struggling with support and thought a second head would help but i have been finding that if im creative with placement of supports i place and print without using support, i can get very complex prints that arnt a headache to clean.

now that i have the support removal problem sorted i would like to dye nylon to get multi color and i think i will have no use for duel heads, i really like this machine now, it took a lot of experimenting but i think its worth it over the loss in quality and workspace that a second extruder would create.

if zortrax would just allow me to vary the extruder temp this machine would be absolutely perfect imo.

anyway, i want to print nylon, anyone have any suggestions?

the real reason i want to vary the temp is because i want to use wood and stone filament, if zortrax would release these i would be happy.

btw,i need a  wood filament more so than stone, i found a really nice way of getting a stone effect with my m200...i print in abs and then spray my piece with krylon "natural stone" spray paint, i use the paint for texture and not so much for color, after the paint dries and i have a stone texture i run my print through a UV direct to product printer and i print a marble or granite jpg over the print. the results are f-ing stunning.

ill post some pics in a couple days.

im a designer for an embellishment factory and i have lots of fun toys:)

Z-Nylon and Z-Wood will be available within 2 weeks, the best is that support/raft removal will working with this new materials without problems.

Best Regards


thats the best news i heard all day, i now have the perfect machine:)

Wow amazing news! Really looking forward to try Z-NYLON. Huge posibilities for automotive companies.