Outer wall adhesion issues


Howdy, I’m having issues on all prints leaving a small gap between the outer perimeter and the inner walls. I’ve tried ultrat on idiot settings. I’ve tried pla on expert settings. however nothing seems to do the trick. the outer wall and holes dont seem to shift it over. flow rate doesnt seem to work. i’ve run calibration cubes being 20mm square absolutely perfect. however the wall thickness calibration seems to leave the walls approximately 1.09mm vs 0.80mm as the actual part. parts are weak because of the onion skin effect. I just bought this machine and have been trying to diagnose it for some time. much help would be appreciated!

Thank you.

Gap between wall and infill


Please send me the stl and zcode/zcodex files via PM.

Pictures of the issue also would be helpful.

Kind regards


nut-Z-PLA-Expert settings.zcodex (2.9 MB)


Hi! Thank you for the file. We’ll print it and pass information to our specialists.



I do have the same problem. Z-Suite, Firmware 1.4.0.
Photos from Z-HIPS and Z-ASA pro (Piranhas from YouMagine) attached but also seen with Z-ABS (own design).

Z-ASA pro 5x Piranha Fish.zcodex (5.7 MB)
Z-HIPS 5x Piranha Fish.zcodex (5.7 MB)


From what i’ve seen in the zcode the outer perimeter is even spaced a bit in the graphical view. I’m not sure if this is a correct observation?


Thank you for the files. I’ve passed information to our specialists, so they can look into that.

Regarding the Z-SUITE, all three outer walls seem to be evenly separated in the preview.


zcode%20space zcode%20space2

It seems to me that there is a significant difference from the inner two perimeters opposed to the outer profile… This occurs on all files generated whether or not its zortrax profiles or external, regardless of filament type as well.


Thank you, now I see it.
Our specialists know about the issue and will work on that, but it can take some time.
Should it be fixed, we’ll add information to Z-SUITE changelog.


What could be a work around for the time being until this issue is resolved?


Unfortunately, there isn’t any workaround for that issue.
Our software specialists are working to fix this problem.


So just curious, how is it that a handful of people are plagued with this issue, and what are they doing to get around it. Is this a machine calibration issue?


Interested too.
It caused me a problem of oil isolation, with a zabs printed part for moto.
So, impatient to obtain a very glued lines.


I work for an instructional institute and we have 7 of these machines. I also own one for a personal company. They all currently suffer from this ailment. I feel this issue should be taking some precedence as it doesn’t appear to be machine specific. For 2500 dollars a piece I should be able to print very high quality parts. And this just isn’t happening at the moment.


We’re sorry for the trouble. We will fix this as soon as possible.


Hello. I’d like to refresh that. There is some improvement? We had an update of firmware since the last reply but the problem still exist…


Hey we have the same problem on M200plus and M300Dual newest version Z_Suite and Firmweare on all Printer not so match distance bad is same bad point

Material Ultrat and Hips


So it’s 40 days since you said it will be fixed “SOON” how long is soon?


It’s a shame my franken prusa creates far stronger parts and its 1/3 the price. I love the zortrax machines. They’re very well built however the downside is being able to control anything. If I was able to manipulate the parameters, I wouldn’t be regretting my expensive purchase. I literally cannot make parts that withstand any abuse. Just pretty things. Therefore my business is limited to other machines to produce reliable parts.