Outer wall adhesion issues


Same problem here. I’m not happy with this. With all the files that i’ve printed, and dont know why Admin ask to get file! I lost 600 grs of filament in a failed print :(.


I also had this problem. but with Z-Suite 2.8.3 software the problem is fixed.


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I have been having the same trouble in Z-SUTE ver.
Outer perimeter of printed model can be easily peeled off all around the side vertical wall.

I just made another thread Yesterday, " Most outside wall is peeled off easily".
Sorry that I should have post my issue here …
I could not find because of my little English skill.

We can see this perimeter separation in Z-SUTE if we see carefully.
There is no overlap between this outside perimeter and the one next to it.
Even more we can see very thin slip between these perimeter in Z-SUTE when we rotate model very carefully.

If you have already known how to solve, please let me know.

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is there any progress in this case? In 2.14 (BETA) walls are still not solid, this is unbelievable…



I have detailed how to solve this in the thread “Most outside wall is peeled off easily”.
Please have a look !!


Hi, Ichiro thank you for your answer. I looked at that thread, changed parameters and the problem are resolved. Thank you.


same uncredible problem here…
you said that you solve it with the offset gap option. what about your top layers? are they at the accurate dimensions when offset gap is 0mm?