Parts that need to be mounted together after printing ?

Okay here's another question.

I have printed several parts and they must be assembled together.

But a few parts simply don't fit together.

So I still have to place them on the milling machine to get the correct tolerance.

I suppose there's a rule for printing this parts. Something like make one part at tolerance +0, +0.5 mm (examp. The cutout) and the other part +1, +0.5 mm.

Or is it better to print these part as assembled parts, and give the parts some free space. Something like a clearance of 0.5 mm.

I hope everyone is understanding what I'm trying to explain here, because my english is terrible like a friend of mine did say the other day.

But not everyone does have the talent to communicate with someone in english I suppose. But my kids do it better, hopefully one day someone "high placed"  will discover that it will be much easier if everyone does speak the same language. :)  :lol:


When I print parts that have to fit together I leave about .5 mm tolerance between the parts ghat seems to work good for me