Pipe with 0.8mm wall prints like 1.2mm

Hi, here I am again. .stl model has 0.8mm wall thickness and logically it prints with only 2 layers in width, as 0.4 x 2 = 0.8mm, but final model has 1.2mm wall thickness. What is it?

could you post an image of your model? FDM production method is not adequate for producing accurate thin wall structures. Zortrax nozzles are 0.4mm, but the deposited material wont be thinner than 0.5mm, this because of the material flow and compensation for a variety of factors, that's why.

Basically you are taking a .4mm round and pressing it down to the Z resolution. (.190 default) creating more of an oval.. Try increasing Z res.. Might help a little..

Here is a visual of what I was trying to explain..