Plastic Melted all over Hotened/Heatblock/Nozzle during failed print

I left a print go over night, and it failed and plastic went everywhere.  It melted all over the hotened, the hotend is covered with a thick brown/black plastic mess.  It smells bad when I print something or heat the nozzle now.  How can I clean it?  Brass brush? Do I need to buy a new hotend?

Heat it up and hit it and the heater block with a brass brush. When mine starts getting a bit crusty (it's inevitable), I just use the backside of my Xacto to scrape it off - if you do this just make sure not to apply much pressure and to stay away from the very tip. The plastic should just flake off. 

Thanks, I'll get a brass brush. The nozzle is fine, but it literally looks like the heaterblock was dipped in melted plastic, even the top of the block.  It's printing fine, it just stinks really bad.