Platform Autocalibration Problem

Hello everyone 

Every time I perform platform autocalibration, it keeps crashing on the back right of the silver square. it already left a hole on it too. Can anyone help me out, thank you so much

My thoughts would be the sensor wire.

Is the sensor wire on the hot end secure? or tight at the pcb by the feeder tube?

I have made sure that all cable connections are firmly seated. I reconnected all cablles at the extrudead head pcb and I even did the connections at the bottom of the printer. FYI, it is a brand new and not even 30 days old. Will a new perf board resolve this issue? Thanks

If it worked from the start, I think the reason for this is either burnt residue on the nozzle or ABS slurry etc on the plate causing bad electrical contact. Use an emery cloth or fine file on the tip of the nozzle, not much is needed, just to get metallic contact. Clean the contact areas on the plate, use a Scotch pad and cloth with acetone. Since the nozzle hits the same spot every time, and there is a hole, you may need a new perf. plate. To check out if all works, put a thin sheet of conductive material over the hole and see if you get to calibrate. If it works, perhaps you can put some solder in the hole.

Good luck!

John Tangerås

I had this happen, and if you've got a hole in the board it's most likely buggered.

I changed my board for an old V1 and it all worked, and a V2 board is on order.

All the points above about cleaning the nozzle and contact surfaces being cleaned with acetone will help prevent it happening again.

Thank you so much for all the tips!!! For now I have replaced it with a new perf plate and cleaned the nozzle and its working properly!