Please let me free

Hi everyone.

my Zortrax 3D printer have pass the 2 years of life and the warranty period its all over.

its still a great printer and im very happy to bought it, its solid and print very well.

but now i need print also other filements like PLA, and its very non sense for me buy another 3D printer for that purpouse.

im ready to sign any document for no divulgation, but i need a unlocked version of Z.-suite.

My warranty its over let me possibility to ruin my 3D printing with other filament how i desire., please let me the possibility to change temperature of hotend and the print bed,

My personal opinion is non sense buy another hardware and spend more money for install hardware tools like Z-TEMP for that of stuff.

i hope into a good reply

Never mind 

if that one exist please can contact me in private? thanks