Possible to print a shell with bottom?

Hi all! 

Brand new Zortrax owner reporting in (had it for about a week now) and so far i love the machine! i do have an issue though.

I am trying to print this thing: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:193814 and i can't seem to get it to do what i want. Obviously i don't want any infill, so I am stuck with either Shell or Mesh. I haven't yet actually tried printing with infill, but z-suite says it will take longer and use more filament than when using mesh, so i guess it will actually use infill. 

When i choose shell, it prints fine (even with 1 layer) but it doesn't print the bottom.

When i choose Mesh, it will print the bottom, but two issues arise:

- It prints a cap on the hole. That is not too bad, because i can just cut it out. However, when i open the STL in meshmixer or solidworks, the cap is not there so it shouldn't print it.

- It prints some areas a lot thicker (where the rigdes are). This doesn't look as nice when light is shining through.

Am i missing something? Is it even possible to print a shell and have the bottom print as well?

I am using Z-suite 0.9.5 and firmware 0.0.5


it can be usefull if we can print shell and choose “mm” of bottom model to leave I think it is simple job for Zortrax team

It depends on the design of the object. Is it designed with thin walls or is the model simply a solid chunk. If it is designed as a hollow thin walled shell then you can just print it with the standard infill. The infill will then simply fill up the spaces within the thin wall.

You could print a separate bottom piece and bond it on for now.

I have found a derivative of that model, which is modeled as a shell. That one prints with a bottom, according to Z-Suite (albeit with a way larger hole, so not suitable to attach to a christmas light) but i am stuck with the thinknes of the model (about 4 layers). I would like to be able to print a model with a 1 or 2 layer shell and a bottom of about 3 layers. 

It would be great if such a feature was added to Z-Suite. Thinking of that, i should have probably posted this in the Software section.


You could print a separate bottom piece and bond it on for now.


That is of course an option. Time to get me some acetone.