Power on switch

Hi, i've a problem with power on switch, it's work bad, where can I buy another one?

A location might help others help you find something local.  Try Zortrax, Newark, Mouser, DigiKey, or Allied Electronics and search by spec and dimension.


Ok, is this, but Zortrax must have the spare parts

Did you ask them via support email?

no, i try ;)

I had problems with mine too. They sent out a replacement.. After playing with the old one for a bit it started working again. It wouldn't lock into the "on" position. It just kept springing back to the "off" position..

@Kyle is right it just lock temporary is enough to be not gentle and push/punch it hardly to On/Off position many times until it back to correct working state.

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my switch often does not turn on the printer, I have to operate it several times to make it work.

It seems to be a defective part, from what I read, and perhaps not very reliable

Switches tend to be very reliable parts; they rarely fail mechanically before taking thousands of cycles. I’m not saying that it can’t happen, but it’s more likely that it’s a failure do to oxidized plates. If you have some contact cleaner just squirt some in and toggle the switch a bunch. After this it should be A-okay.

yes, it correct, but a printer that costs 2000 euro, and has seven months, must have a more reliable switch, my coffee machine has a similar switch, and working properly for more than two years, with the same number of starts printer

Zortrax, in my opinion, need to find a more reliable component; I read about the technical specifications of the switch, which has a life span equal to 10,000 cycles, perhaps a little short.