Preview / slize doesn't match wanted end result

Hi. To start, I am a beginner. So sorry if this has been asked in an abundant before.

So, I just got my M200, installed the Suite, loaded up Fusion 360, did a basic model, exported it to .obj, imported it into Z-Suite, set everything to standard and the preview looks, well, wrong.

Namely, all flat surfaces are indented and not solid.
The drawing, or object, itself is solid all the way through.

I can’t seem to figure out what I am doing wrong. I haven’t printed anything yet so I’m looking for some help if possible before starting to print stuff.

To be clear, what I want is a flat surface “everywhere” that’s it.

Images should be here.



The preview of the zcode looks pretty normal to me. I assume that you’d like to get a result like from the injection modling process with all surfaces being completely smooth and homogenous. This is not how it works in LPD/FDM 3D printing as models are being built up layer by layer.
Please correct me if this is not the answer to your question.
Btw. Have you already printed that model?

Kind regards,