Print bed connections

Hi everyone,

Is there by any chance someone/anyone who redesigned the connectors from the printing bed.

I hate to say it but I really hate those 2 connectors.

I'm always afraid that they will be damaged when removing the print bed.

It must be possible to remove the print bed without connectors. You can use springloaded contacts.

I hate it I don't have the time to redesign it.

But one day I will !

I've been using my M200 heavily for over a year and have had no problems with the connectors, despite everyone's predictions that they wouldn't last. One suggestion I do have is to cut off the latch on the heater connector - it's not necessary at all and removal is much easier without it.

Hi All,

Julia thanks for sharing the Molex part number on the small print bed connectors. Anyone who knows the part numbers of the larger connector. Looking at the larger connector two pins are not used, measuring the signal wires of the small three wire connector shows it actually shares the GND with the larger connector. So why Zortrax decided not to combine it into one larger connector is unclear to me. Anyway as suggested it's would be nice without alter the printer side (not to loose warranty) to use spring connectors for the printer bed.


In the first couple of days of owning my new M200 I cut the 2 cables a couple of inches from the build plate and spliced in a 9-pin Molex connector and weakened slightly the sockets to make them easy to insert/pull apart and now I have a one handed operation to remove or install my build plate.

I got the parts from my local "Frys" for less than $10, now no worries about tearing out the original connections.

Part Number: 03-06-1092
Mates With Part(s):

03-06-2091, 03-06-2092

Thanks, what I was looking for and as suggested is a spring pin solution, but withg the original connectors and the printer side (warranty) and therefore I was looking to find the connector part numbers of the original. Hope someone knows the answer. I've bene looking on hundreds of models on the molex webpage, so far no success.

I'm sure that no one is experimenting with the print bed, given the fact that it would void warranty, so this is just for background general interest purposes. The smaller connector detail we already got from Julia, here are the part numbers of the larger connectors.  You can find them at Newark/Farnell. Larger straigh 8 way on the PCB, B8P-VH, VHR-8H for the cable-end and SVH-41T-P1-1 for the connector pins. There are more similair ones, I'm pretty shure these are JST products.

Here's a thought for Zortrax (I'm sure they'll listen, they love suggestions)...

What if the perfboard connections (the 3 wire little plug) were incorporated as contacts in the board where it screws onto the support platform?

Then there could be one large plug and the risk of damage to the solder joints with the spatula would be completely removed.

This would bring it all back to one lead/plug, and possibly some kind of camlock plug could be used as well.