Print Distortions problem

I have a problem with the print, a model is very simple 17x17cm open box. The walls and the bottom of the box have some distortions, you will see in attachment.
Setting for printing

  • Layer thickness 0.29
  • nozzle 0.4
  • infill 20
  • Filament Z-abs
    That is everything what i change form default settings, i was print 2 times. One with turn on HEPA cove, second with turn off HEPA cover. Both prints turned out bad.
    Any suggestion how to fix the problem?

Use painters tape and make your printer airtight. ALL gaps what you can find. On that size is enough that you have minimal gap between covers and printer and you have disortion because small air draft. Ofcource must fan on hepa cover be off.
How many degrees is air temperature on printer room?

In the room is about 20c. its like corners of the model starting to lift up.

That may be a bit too cold. Suggested ambient temperature is 21 – 28° C [70 – 82° F].
I would start with platform maintenance and Z-ABS juice. You can also set fan speed to 0% in Z-SUITE (available in advanced settings) and decrease infill to 10%.
I recommend that you check out our troubleshooting article on how to avoid warping:

Platform mainentance and abc juice are coming in when raft is disorting and raft corners are lifting from buildplate, not when printed part itself is crooked. But anyway thumb of rule is that disortion is result, not reason. And you should fight with reasons, not results. There are two main reasons. Too cold print room temperature and air drafts on print chamber. Heat up for large prints you room to 25-30 degrees (for example my printers are on special locker to avoid heating up whole 180 m2 room) and tape it airtight. And you will see results.

My opinion about ABS juice is that this will ruin buildplate. For better use DimaFix stick. It holds as hell on 80-90degrees and relases print on ambient temperatures.

Thank you, i will try you proposal.

Thank you for replay!