Print issue?

Hi guys, 

just received the Zortrax yesterday and been printing all different part, 

for some reason, I have an issue with some print, see the picture in attachment, not sure where that can come from? 

any idea?

using Z-ABS - Blue

Have you tried different orientations? or random seam instead of normal?

I see that often myself.  Be interested to hear what the more experienced users have to say about it also.  I have never tried "random".  Always left the setting on "normal".  I will try that.

here is the result with a new print: 

Normal speed


Random seam 

Solid infill

that worth, not sure how to fix that

I did print 6 pcs of it to have a longer time between layer and get it colldown but that didn't help

Defective nozzle?

Contact your reseller, seems like you bought a broken printer.

Move the head to the center and wiggle it… Does it have a lot of play? Do an axis maintenance, check all set screws, make sure the bearings in the head have snug set screws (do not overthighten!) also try a new nozzle…if the filament string curls coming out of the nozzle, then this can hurt wall quality.