Print problem: raft gets loose and object curls up

When I print a certain model, the raft comes loose from the bed in an early stage, and as the print progresses, the model curls up.

I've tried 3 times the same zcode and the problem occurred 3x, always the same corner of the model that curls up, the 3 others corners stay fixed to the printing bed. Bed is calibrated.

What could this be ?

there is quite a few factors that can cause this problem first check and see if your table is flat no build up after you check that see if its level with the printer the auto leveling is buggy so you need to manually check it and putting side doors on your printer will help too but it sounds to me your bed is not level try putting some ABS juice on the print bed before you print if that don’t hold it your bed must be out of level.if you need side doors I sell them on ebay and they’re very nice doors

Pascal grats to a great printer and welcome.

I suggest you read around abit more before posting questions that have been answered many many times already. Start with this sticky thread :

hello everyone,

I try the Z Fluid (ABS + acetone) and I must say it works very well, I recommend it

Recently had the same problem (lifting of the right, front side of the raft). Turning off the auto fan and setting it to 20% cured it.