Print shifted near top of part

Hi guys, im curious to see if anyone experienced any shifting with their prints at a certain point and then have the shift go back to bormal for the rest of the print. I am not sure if it is slippages or whatnot. If so, any one find a solution?


Update: now i have two similar shifts in print

How is the stl file? Have you printed any of that object that hasn't shifted?

That usually means the pulleys are slipping although that is odd how it shifts one way then back.


Tha STL file is a famous on on thingiverse and ive seen people print them before.

This was the first tall print I have done, while everything else that has been below 4.5 inches have been great.

I just tightened the pulleys and pushed motor down.

I will try again and see What happens.

While doing so, I noticed the Z axis, the bushing that is holding the plate platform and the rod together in the middle threaded rod, the 4 screws are loose.

Is that something you guys know of as being loose for a purpose?


The ball nut screws have to be loose. That's on purpose. 

The ball nut screws have to be loose. That's on purpose. 

Would this be the 4 screws in this picture I am pointing to?




Ok Thanks Andre,

Right now it is tightened, I am printing a tall tube quickly to check if it was the slippage since I tightened the pulleys.

What would happen if it is not loose?

It could lock up the Z axis.

Ok thanks Kyle i figured it would be for that.

As far as the test long piece i got this result

Right now i am printing 4 flute pieces and will see what happens. Im thinking its something with the z rod maybe bent at those locations

The Z axis should have nothing to do with that. It doesn't move left and right. That is a problem with extruder movement...(x,y)  If you had layer problems I would say Z is at fault, but that's not the case. You should send STL and Z-code to support..

Or it could be Z wobble because he has tightened the screws. It’s hard to tell without a size reference but the x/y offsets on the white flute are repeating…that makes me think it’s z wobble.

Krelsys…you have to loosen the screws again. It’s bad for the printer. It causes binding and can also cause the platform to wobble along the x/y axis because the ball screws are never perfectly true. You just loosen it enough so that ball nut can slide left and right without having any slack up and down

Hi Andre and Kyle, Hope you guys had a good weekend,

So the xy shifts was only in X direction (left right i presume) and it was shifting to one direction.

I have loosened the 4 scews again as that had nothing to do with the XY, I just thought it wasnt screwed in while building.

So I have printed a bigger flute that has 4 parts to it, reached similar height to the 1 print I showed you guys first, but I had no problems with shifting.

This seems to occur when I have one centered tall cylinder (have not tried square extrusion)

I will do various tests to see what happens to better troubleshoot.

I will keep this thread updated incase others have the same problem.

Thanks again guys, I always see your posts in other threads =P but just recently got my printer.

Nice meeting you guys.

Nice to meet you as well.. Happy printing!