Print Stopped

I had a weird thing just happen to me. 

I was printing the second part of a print and while I usually place the objects on the right or front side of the bed, I used the left side this time. 

I checked on it and was printing beautifully. Then I went back when it should've been done-1.5 hrs later, and the printer was in idle on the print object. ( it didn't go back to go position or drop just stopped. It wasn't trying to extrude so the nozzle wasn't clogged.

I figured it was just a corrupted Zcode somehow and got a pause inserted in it but it didn't go to home position. 

So I just redid the file and started it up again. Started perfect and doing well but will see if it was just that position-as the cable was just redone last week and prints perfectly. 

Thought maybe someone else had this error before and knew what happened.

Cheers and thanks

Well I figured it out. It was a real world glitch. lol Apparently our power flickered real quick and I didn't notice it so it shut the machine down and back on quick which stopped the print.

It's always good to know what happened. 

Sorry for the wasted space. lol Cheers

slap yourself and we are even :)

given that the wattage of the printer is not high a cheap UPS is a nice solution for such cases and anyway very long power outages are rare and it does not always worth it investing to also cover these few occasions

I have mine on a UPS as well.. Just a small APC 900. Not intended for long outage..