Printer test comparison from Makerzine

2015 FDM printer shootout

Results on Google: Results

Kinda interesting..

Yeah, kinda interesting why they use some trash filament not original Z-Filament ;) 

In the comments section half way down it starts talking about the M200 and the person that did the review indicates that they used Zabs and also tried Zultrat but scored the M200 as they did based on bridging and Resonance.  Wouldn't take this shoot out to heart, just interesting because I could make a shoot out that secretely favored what ever I wanted the outcome to be like any poll or shoot out.  Better to see some results from someone rather than none, IMO.  Alas I looked into that cause at the beginning of the shootout they indicate they are using UM2 PLA.  I thought, this is going to be hilarious!

Just realized this is an old shoot out when I saw Julia Truchsess reply to the thread I"m talking about.  Whoops, way behind the times , sorry. lol.

A lot things was improved on the software as I saw in changelogs, maybe within few days I'll have some time to print all these tests.