Printer with problem, help... :)

Hi People, today i printed 2 pieces 5*... and on the third print my printer started doing bad prints...

Here is some photos what is happening…


Anyone can help?? 

I tried with these settings:

-1st - 0.14 ; High ; Solid ; Fan: Auto

-2nd - 0.14 ; Normal; Solid ; Fan: 100%

The software used is 0.9.5, Black ABS…And the STL is attached…




André Carvalho.


did you try a new nozzle?

Now i don't have nozzle's in stock... 

If someone can print them is just 4g… it’s a small piece… 

Here is the file… 



Looks like the parts don't have time to cool.. Try printing 2 parts at the same time. Put a little space between them on the plate.

Yep, i think the pieces don't have time to cool down, but some months ago i printed standoff's 6mm and this don't happened.. 

I will try with 4 pieces… 

Thanks… :wink:

If you look at the code, the wall is only 1 layer thick with no room for infill. That might cause a problem. Not very strong. You could probably use .19 as well. Minimal loss in surface quality and faster.

Hi, ok very thanks i will see that and try.. 

Very thanks, more opinions are welcome… 

Best Regards,