Printerpwill not Boot-UP

My M200 will not boot-up ... the display does not even light up.  All i see is a flashing blue light at the bottom of my unit.  This accrued after i fixed a clogged hot end tip.  Has this ever happen to anyone else?  I also noticed the black flat cable is getting warm to the touch.  Does this cable short out at times?

Any help would be appreciated!

Scott Clifford

Flip machine over and remove extruder cable from the board. Also check the LCD cable seated on both ends.  Turn machine on and see if display works (will be an error but display should show it). If that doesnt work, unplug everything except the LCD and DCIN1-24V and check again. If nothing happens at this point, its either psu, mb, or lcd board.

When i unplug the extruder cable form the extruder the system boots up :) .  So i know know there is no short in the extruder cable but there is a short in the extruder circuit/assembly some were.  I am seeing 13 ohm's across the heater cartage which seems reasonable, but 2 ohms and 1.5 ohms across the thermal couple wires.  I believe this is were my problem is but i don't know for sure sense I don not have a schematic.  This problem accrued when i fixed a filament clog in my extruder, and when I cleared the clog and put it back together this problem accrued.  I noticed when taking it apart again i put a dent in the thermal couple cartage by tightening the screw to tight.  Maybe I created the short then. Any thoughts for me?

Ive had the metal sleeving short out the heater at one point due to a fray of the sleeve making contact, might want to check that.

Under the extruder head cover (   see step 6), you can disconnect the the thermocouple and heater assembly while leaving the rest of the extruder parts connected; if it turns on then then i'd order a replacement heater/thermocouple assembly.

thank you for your help ... I will check this out ... and order one if necessary!

thanks for your Help!!!