Printing in the wrong position in large prints


I have an issue with an bit of a large print. As you can see in the image the object we printed was a long one. So to avoid sticking out from the printing plate I printed it on the Y direction. 

The print came well but with an small defect on the one side of the object. Please find the issue in the image attached. 

The strange thing is that I printed the same print in 2 different printers to double check. One M200 V3 and the other M200 V4. Both has the same defect.

How can I solve this?

Thank you 


I would make "sacrificial" ribs on the thin, vertical plate. That will stiffen the design and enhance rigidness. Make two ribs perpendicular to the troublesome surface, and cut them off when the print is done.

Did you checked the stl? If the problem repeats on different printers could be something wrong with the file. Try check in different softwares, Netfabb, Meshmixer, DesignSpark.

Sometimes what one doesn’t catches the other do.

Is it the original SD card?

I am guessing it's a new printer or I would say Ribbon cable. Is the Ribbon cable seated perfectly and all the wires tight?

I would rotate it and run it across the printer and if it doesn't happen then it would probably be the cable. If it does it in the same spot then I would say file or even on the off chance the card.

I noticed there aren't any side covers. Side covers are a must have because of warping with the M200. Not saying it is warping but idk.

Good luck

I'm guessing that is where the seam is starting and ending.. Looks like the issue starts where the mass of the part stops..  I would try random seam and see if that helps. Hard to see exactly whats going on from the photo. Shifting maybe? If so, check all set screws..