Printing offbeat

I have some issue with my printing lately, i think i may have a calibration problem, when i try to print something the printing pattern move to the left.. and it look like this : 

i hope it's nothing serious, i tried to recalibrate the panel, but i have difficulties with the "knobes" to use on that 

The knobs you are referring to are the build plate leveling knobs? if so them what I do is compress the build plate to the black bracket and then make the adjustment with the knob, These knobs tend to want to free spin without changing the level. This is not your problem though, your problem could be a stepper motor, check the connections on the motors. The more experienced "Experts" will be around shortly to help out.


I think this should help:

Yep.. Check set screws on motor pulleys. 2 on each one.. You can get to them without pulling the motors but it's a little tricky..