Printing /Shrinking

Hey All

so we have  intressting thing we have a projekt for a castoumer and we printet a part high40mm and a feed 20x20mm

we print and messure after 20min

the feed 20x20mm is ok bad high we lose >0.5mm  is thah in tolleranze ? and normal ?


I have issues with the tolerances too... in height i have 0.1-0.2 mm to much.

Are the other dimensions of you part are ok?

Can you post the settings in Z-Suite...

what hardware version are you guys using? sounds like it could be what i had with my hardware V4 with the z dimentions off. they fixed it in the latest update. but now im guessing it has disturbed people with previous hardware versions - if this is the case, then i feel your pain.  

we have 4xPrinter V4 and Software V1.6.1 for Windows 

so now is ok 

delete file and start white a new STL file import to Z-Suite 1.6.1 and Print Again new is ok