Prints sticking too well! [solved]

After some time with the printer, I solved all my previous issues but found new ones.

I am turning to longer time users for help, maybe they can remember how older versions of Suite worked.

If you can remember, I got the printer with a small overheating issue where the parts were really melted, had blobs and strings in the prints with Z-ABS and Z-Ultrat.

This was solved. For some time, printing single objects of different size worked good because all my prints were taken off immediately after they finished.

These last days I was struggling with long prints of many small objects placed on the platform. 5 to 12h prints, so they were my longest until now. The problem is that if the print cools down it is close to impossible to detach them from the raft without distroying the print itself.

I am now trying to print without side covers to cool it a little bit more.

Was there an older Suite version that leaves a larger gap when starting printing the parts on the raft?

Or let me rephrase this: was there a Suite version that made parts that were extremely easy to detach from raft after they cooled down completely?

0.9.5 and 0.9.6 both try to fuse the part to the raft and for me, in this printing case, produces unusable parts.

I can't say exactly but if you look at this post part detach from raft by itself and i had the same problem around that time. I am at my work so i cant check dates on different z-suite versions now.

Yes, parts started sticking more to the raft in version 0.9.5 for me too.  It seems to be worse with black ZABS than other colors but it is still difficult to remove.  Even support is harder to remove.

Worst for me is grey ABS. 

Ultrat snaps like a charm.

I looked at dates and Z-Suite_BETA_V0.0.6 should be the one used printed in link in my last post above. You can try it from my dropbox but alot off featuers is missed back then.

Thank you, thank you!

I will check it out after current job is done.

I don't need fancy things, only 0.29 height in ABS, I don't think that's a problem.

Can't find the thread, but a user on here just added a thin shell to the part that was offset by one layer thickness from actually touching (a one layer gap). Supposedly this worked quite well to get the flat spots to pop off the raft.  

LabRat, Caesar (Ave!),

This is the thread:

Thanks Angelo, I will try that right now.

I had a little better results with 0.0.6 but it could be better.

EDIT: here is what I found out using the method posted above:

I am printing in 0.29mm layers, fast, Suite

Using 0.29 sacrificial layer and 0.29 gap results in a 2 layer gap (0.58mm) - too much.

Using 0.29 sacrificial layer and 0.10 gap results in a 2 layer gap (0.58mm) - too much.

Using 0.20 sacrificial layer and 0.09 gap results in a 0.09mm gap

The sacrificial layer dissappears durin slicing and is not printed.

Will print it right now!

Conclusion: easiest way is to allow us to add some space between raft and printed part

(maybe also for flat supports since it uses the same math)

Edit2: here is the slicing image


Sorry for double posting but it deserves a post of its own.

My procedure:

Create 2 layers faux support, straight & flat. In my case 0.29*2=0.58mm height.

Place parts 0.1mm higher on that support: at 0.68mm height in my case.

Tadaaa: Suite prints them exactly as made.



Please use BugTracker or sent to support(at) .stl and .zcode file and/or full informations about settings that you used, we will use your model for test with new setting for next Z-Suite release.

Please let me know it the problem occurs only with 0.29 layer.

Thank you Filip.

I solved it.

I am probably one of the few that keep their filament very dry.

This has two outcomes:

- the print sticks really well to the perf board (I have no issues with any size)

- also the layers get very good adhesion so removing rafts and supports is very hard.

The solution to sticking rafts and supports is to let the finished print stay for half a day. After 2-3 hours (print is completely cooled) I still find it difficult to remove the print from raft.

During this longer period I think that it absorbs enough humidity to allow a more easy detachment.

I will also try to keep a roll of ABS without drying it for a longer time and see the results.

The solution to sticking rafts and supports is to let the finished print stay for half a day.

That may be ok for some people, but I can't always wait half a day to remove it.  If I had another build plate I could do that but I'm sure it won't be cheap.

Parts used to be easier to remove without having to wait so long.