Probably a Z-Suite issue

I tried to print a very simple model : 


Sans titre.png

It's around 105 x 120 x 9 mm

As I don't need a perfect surface, I decided to print 0,29 mm. Z-Suite told me : 2 days & 20 hours ... ???

I changed for 0,19 : 3 hours & ... Well, I thought that it was just a mistake so I tried to print with 0,29 mm : very bad idea ! After the first layer of the object (not the support), the print head gone in x=0/y=0 and I eared a noise like a perforator ! I ran to the on/off buton...

I checked everything my M200 is still alive.

To check, I tried the same model with 0,39 mm : 2h10 said Z-Suite and the object printed well.

So, I think that Z-Suite (0.091) generated a bad Z-code program with 0,29 layer which cause a bug on the printer.

STL attached


Grille 16,67.stl

I think you are right.. I rotated part 10 degrees and it said 2 hours and 49 minutes.. Strange...