Problem printing case

I wanted to print a custom case for a Cubieboard2 with CubieScreen.

I started with a Case for a normal Cubieboard and got a print error / problem with the example print.

I adapted the original model / redesigned the top-lid to be deeper, added the cut-out for the display and - surprise - i got the same print error again. So is this a design error on the model, or a Z-Suite problem? Any ideas?







Many of designs that could be downloaded are just erroneous, probably only working on the printing environment of the uploader.

If asking such questions it's best to provide the STL in question (upload it here) and that's also true for own designs.

Here is the STL-File!

Printed as photographed above of course. Looks like i got the orientation wrong in AutoDesk Fusion 360.

Z-ABS, 0.09mm, Infill Full.



I was surprised to see the same print problem on my modified design which was recreated from scratch just doing

measurements in the original stl. So my printer doesn't seem to like the geometry, though it looks ok when i look at the ZCode with the "Timeline Slider".





I printed your STL without errors. I think the design is a bit weak at the place you got that error, but it can be printed.

I have uploaded my z-code, you could try this (ABS profile, FW 1.1 only please!).

If you again get an error with that zcode, your printer might be faulty, otherwise your print settings could cause the error.

Thanks for trying!

I still have the Z-File which showed the initial problem, in case that helps.

I see you printed the model at 45° angel?

Is this recommended for "thin" walls so that the infill is aligned with the sides of the model?

Did you mean FW 1.0.0? There is no FW 1.1 on the download page yet for M200.



Sorry FW 1.0 of course.

I always print on angles for lesser warping and better infill if possible, dunno if it's recommended  :)

Your zcode will not help me, I can print the object.  :ph34r:

Slight delay in replying, but i can only play with the printer in my spare-time - apologies.

I still did not succeed with printing this. I tried the printing at 45degrees idea and got that:



The odd thing is, why do i not see the same problem on the other side of that cutout?

My complete list of failures so far:



I don't think it is a Hardware problem, as it prints other models perfectly fine. E.g.:



I will try your attached low-resolution low-infill file next. Still looks like a slicer or firmware issue to me...

I am using latest Z-Suite with latest FW.



P.S.: Add STL and ZCode of last failed print





It seems a bit farfetched, but the one time I had a problem like this, it was solved by changing to a new nozzle. Worth a try.

Hm, i am not 100% sure but i think printrun #2 was done with a different nozzle, no brand new never-used one, but a different one. It looks a bit as if it "forgets" to print the outside and you are directly looking at the infill.

Well i guess if i get rid of the phase and go with a minimal 0.5mm radius instead the problem is gone, but then i have to remodel the complete bottom part of the case as well to match the top and i am lazy :).

why not just try the zcode I provided?

If this prints you could work on print settings and / or model design, otherwise check the printer.


I have almost given up on this for the moment. (And still have not printed the Z-Code from Z-Renegade.. Shame on me.)

This one is printed with 0.19mm and Light infill orientation 45degrees, so that the side with the cut-out faces the front left corner of the printer



This one has the phase removed printed with 0.19mm, Mediam infill, orientation, that the cut-out faces the RIGHT side of the printer.



Yeah everything fine - or is it? Unfortunately not:



So what do i know now? Orientation of the model on print-plate affects on which side the artifact shows up.

If the cut-out is facing left. I have them on the outside. If it is facing right, i have it on the inside.

Like this:





Still not conclusive if i have a HW or SW problem... 

Maybe i should try having the cut-out face to the front or back?

Ah well i give up for the moment and throw the Cubieboard back in the Box where it already sat all year. Maybe a fresh try in summer or so, with a complete self-designed case and maybe

design it a bit thicker. Everything else i printed so far came out ok, so this one is a bit of a puzzler.