Problem with model


Can anyone help to check and fix this file please?

I wasn´t able to slice it in Z-Suite, neither to fix it in netbabb basic.


{Messed up. Learned something new today. Sorry}

I checked this and did a repair on it. Tested it and seems fine when I did a quick slice regular settings in zsuite.


Here it is repaired with netfabb Basic:

Wow that was rough. lol Apparently obj don't boad well with dropbox or this forum. lol 

HeavenlyCreation: Model you uploaded is out of scale.

HeavenlyCreation: Model you uploaded is out of scale.

Dammit. lol  Said i was having trouble. Had it saved in obj beautifully and in scale and I went and did a quick transfer to still and it threw it out of whack. lmao. Sorry. Thanks. 

So much for trying to "quickly" convert the file. hahah 

I put the fixed one on. Seems kinda mute since yo have already done it. lol

Had to turn my closet into my print room, thing was keeping me up all night long. Now I can get some sleep tonight lol


Thanks for the fix. It did slice now, hovewer the z-code looks very ugly from inside.

Is there a possibility to make it correct? I do not have a possibility to re-draw it.


Still many problems even after the fix.. What was this modeled in?


I know, it is a one big mess. It is modeled by a customer I think in Solidworks.

I managed to fix a .step file in Catia by removing some features.

Now .stl file is still not correct in netbabb, but possible to print without major issues.

Thanks all