Problems after Firmware uprade


I’ve been using Zortrax M200 Plus for last year and a half. With over 2700 working hours I have never experienced any problems with it. Some minor problems started showing after update 2.0.0.When I turn on the printer all fans are blowing even though system is still loading and not printing nor heating. After the last update 2.1.3. filament detection sensor is not working. Print doesen’t pause when spool is empty. Such feature is quite important for long prints. Does anyone else encountered this problem

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Hi there!

Please check if you have the ignore endstop function furned on in the working options.
It’s unlikely it’s caused by the firmware itself.

Also, please check if the diode on the endstop goes blue when inserting the material.

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I will check .
It turns blue when Im loading new filament. So sensor detects it but if the spull runs out while printing LED stays blue and print doesen’t pause.

Thank you for your time!

Do you hear the “click” sound when inserting and taking out the material from the endstop? Does the diode go red when taking the filament out?

I checked the function you’ve mentioned above and it was turned on. There is clicking noise when inserting material.

Hi. When this function in the menu is turned on - the printer will ignore the endstop, therefore it will not pause the print when you run out of the material. Please, turn it off and run a test print - if the endstop still does not react, most likely it should be replaced with a new one.