progress on my discocahedron


project I started a couple months ago. A 45 cm diameter 32 sided truncated isocahedron, all cells with a led light, light patterns generated with arduino. (paper version I made in october 2014: )

After a lot of iterations final choice of material was zhips.  I had to go through a lot of tweaking in regards of material thickness, slope, details etc in cad but think I've printed about 50 of these petagonal cones by now and each one of them is near perfect in print quality.

There's no glueing involved, all parts  are clicked together. Only the connectors for the cones were printed in abs because they have to  press really tight to close the gaps between the cones due deformation ( cones have a slight bending along the straight edges, about 0.35-0.5 mm)

total print time for one finished isocahedron: about 70 hours.

pleased sofar! thank's zortrax!

really nice !

Bravo !