raft removal with zsuite 7

Is it only me or is raft removal harder under 0.0.7? I have an iphone case here that I can't get off the raft without a knife....with 0.0.6 it just popped off...

What color are you using? I have noticed certain colors for some reason are impossible to get off. Dark blue being one..


I've been told that with other 3D printers, different colors melt at different temperatures. That doesn't seem to be as big of a problem with the M200, but it could definitely be contributing to the raft not popping off cleanly.

Black seems to work ok for me.. what fan setting are you using?

Honestly I am still using Z suite v0.03       and I am using Beta 6.6.6  it was never officially released for some reason, I got it off someone on this forum, It includes a basic bed leveling feature.

The main reason I am using this configuration though.

If I use newer versions of Z suite, the supports often does not seporate from the base of the model correctly and tears a layer off it, causeing the model to be un-usable.

Yes the layers and seams look better with the new firmware and Z suite, however there is something very wrong with the way the support structures seporate from the rest.

I know this is not an issue with my printer, because I own a V1 hardware printer and now have got a brand new V2 hardware printer and they both show the same issues.

I have tried with grey fillament and black fillament, they seem to have the same issues.

I would like to get some clarification on this I can provide pics.              just sticking with the V3 suite for now, still getting really good print results, but some of the new features would be nice to use.

I know some posts can make a product look bad, this is a very good printer I purchased two of them and don't regret it one bit, just a couple of software kinks in the later stuff it seems.



I have not experienced any increased difficulty with raft or support removal using the latest software and firmware.

I noticed that it depends on the part. I printed other stuff in the mean time and removal was easy.

I don't see anything in the changelog that something was changed in the raft. I personally did not notice problems with the removal of raft.

@dingo you should use the newest ZSuite version :)


I found that the more fan I use the better the raft releases, But at the same time I prefer to use as little fan as possible. Even with no fan it is "harder" to separate (not enough to care) but it doesn't lift from the raft and it has better layer adhesion.

I just got back from holiday and saw that there was a new software and firmware available since I checked - so updated both. Since updating, I am having the devils own job of removing raft. I have used both black and orange Z-ABS and am finding that to remove the raft I am actually pulling off the bottom layers of the print - resulting in the parts being scrapped. I have ended up scrapping 4 print jobs in as many days.

Fan is set to 20 as it always has in default. Does the new configuration require that we now increase fan ? I prefer not to as it usually can weaken layer adhesion and promote splitting.

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Hi Jay! Welcome home.

I’m having the same problem with raft. Tried different filament to found that is 0.0.8 fault.

In my case I see dependency on the filament. I don't think it's the 0.0.8 software. Gray and white are still very easy to remove. Black is hard to remove and I need to use the spatula most of the time...  

The thing is - without question I know it’s not the filament. The exact same spools remove perfectly with the previous software and same machine.

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Yep. I tested white filament. With ZSuite 07 and 08. Hard to separate the raft from the printed piece using the new software.

But in the past people were complaining that long pieces would separate from the raft due to warping…

I guess that’s why they increased adhesion a bit? Plus there are probably tolerances between the printers and batches of filament.

I just printed a gray part and a black part on the same day and definitely saw a difference. The gray was just the right level of adhesion with a nice “peel feel” by hand. The black tended to break the raft when peeling by hand…but came off fine when using the spatula.

I think for larger parts I might be able to separate the raft as there are larger sections to peel. On smaller parts I have had to stop using the Zortrax as I just can’t separate the raft without the lower layers of the part ripping away before the raft. I am having to print 90% of the parts with the UP! Printer instead which is a pain. I am tempted to try and go back to an older version as at least I could print.



I suggest to open support ticket and provide zsuite project files or stl files I always doing this and then everything is solved. So far I don’t have any issues with raft.

I am having the same problem after updating.

Can’t even remove the raft at all on latest print. 

To be honest, there’s no point sending STL files for support - it is nothing whatsoever to do with the STL files - it is a change that Zortrax has made to prevent the parts from warping from the raft. I can print and successfully detach the parts if I increase the fan to a high level, but this merely weakens not only the bond between the raft and part, but also inter-layer bonding which we all know leads to layer splits.

I accept that the new setting may have uses, but an option “easy raft removal” or similar in z-suite would be much better.