Really bad printing at certain height


Hi , please look at he pictures , the M300+ was printing beautiful , but in several occasions and around the same height (even different materials - same part printed) it started to get really bad (underextrusion) any idea what causes it? or how to solve it?



Hi, @userksh14.
Please, check if all cables are properly plugged into the extruder PCB.
It looks like something hooked against the support structures on the right, so I recommend that you make sure whether heater&thermocouple is properly connected to the hotend (as in this instruction).


hi thanks

everything looks ok , the issue seems to be just at certain height , two print fail approximately at the same height ; what else could be?


attaching pictures , maybe I’m missing something


hi , tried to load some material , and the gear started to click , you think this is also caused by a bad extruder cable?


I don’t see anything wrong in the pictures. As for the cable - have you managed to load the material past the extruder gear? When does it start to click?


hi, right in the beginning ; first I tough it was the filament , then I pulled back a little (not touching the gear) and it started to click again ; the tried again and now it grab it without clicking.


I’ve sent you a PM, please check your inbox.


I’ve had that clicking issue with the gear on the m200, where it was turning and clicking but not extruding. The issue was a clogged hotend after about 2000 hours of printing. You can clean it, or replace it if that’s the case.


thanks , yes it was something stuck in the gear , clean it and no clicking anymore just the issue with the height … regards.