Recumbent trike optimization with M200 help

Hi !

I needed to optimise the chain travel of my recumbent trike (Terratrike Cruiser) to make it more efficient.

This envolved to modify the chain line and therefore the entry angle of the chain on pedal rings.

The drawback was the front derrailleur position had to be changed ... but the frame tube it is fixed on is obviously not movable.

This is where M200 provided me a great help : I designed on 3D software a new derrailleur support that can be angularly adjusted... and simply printed it ! ... even with a strange shape. ;)

... and yes, IT WORKS !!!!

(printed in Z-Ultrat / 0,14mm)

mini_674430P6172008.jpg  mini_520573P6172012.jpg  mini_220735P6172013.jpg

mini_257811P6252026.jpg  mini_328154P6252029.jpg  mini_609361P6252030.jpg

Congrats! great stuff.