Relevant reading for tech guys: Fill Composite

Good read, thanks!  :)

Tiptop, thanks Venosa.

I thought bout doing something like that with a light infill and then pausing the print and fill the empty infill with a resin of sort. Just hadn’t got around to it. Plus an application method that’s not messy. Ha.

There's a technique that the people who make pen barrels out of wood use: they put the part(s) in a liquid resin in a vacuum chamber. When the vacuum is pulled, the resin gets sucked into all the pores of the wood, replacing the air, which bubbles out, resulting in a more or less solid piece of resin which is then polished. I've always thought that this would probably work for printed parts, and be a lot easier and more effective than trying to inject resin into infill spaces with a needle. Anyone want to do a kickstarter, lol?