Reproducing the eiffel tower print from zortrax @ thingi


today i tried to print the eiffel tower, that was already printed by the zortrax team:

I failed to print it in good detail, because the z suite dismisses small perimeters.

For example: At the top of the eiffel is an antenna, connected by 4 thin feet.

Those feet aren't shown in the zcode preview and aren't printed either.

There are a lot more perimeters, that are dismissed in the preview an thus aren't printed.

I scaled the model up to 147% to solve this, but i had the same problem.

the guys from zortrax managed to print it with great detail, take a look at their make !

i am a newb regarding the mighty z and that is why i have to ask:

am i missing something, an advanced setting maybe ?


Depending on which one you downloaded. There are non manifold edge on the one download and needs repaired. 

Did you repair the file before trying to print it?


Well I repaired the file but Zsuite isn't cooperating with me.



yes i repaired it , also tried a different version marked as "fixed" from thingi but i had the same results like in your screenshots.

i went and printed what z suite was suggesting, because i taught that maybe such small perimeters aren't displayed correctly in the preview

BUT the mighty z tried to print the antenna in mid air !!

maybe someone has a solution for this ??!!

btw , thank you for posting the screenshots ! :-)